About 3 years ago, I´ve decided to live a nomadic lifestyle, so I go around the world. Sometimes, for family reasons, I fall back to Argentina but always remain on the move.

Tell us about a good experience or a magical encounter

Well, to be honest, every trip is a different world. On every trip, I have new encounters. Even if you repeat destinations, you always get something new out of it. Anyways, 2 years ago I walked the Camino de Santiago entirely. I walked 640km, well from Pamplona to Santiago de Compostela.  One morning, I left very early, the sun was not even out yet while passing through a small, very small village, an elderly man approached me and asked that when I arrive at Santiago, to pray for him, his grandson and wife. He told me his name, Dionisio and he gave me two nuts. This for me was very significant, because with my philosophical background, and having Dionisio approach me before the sun was out, it was a Nietzschean experience.

And what has been a hard experience?

What always astonishes me is seeing new people on the streets, I mean homeless, there are more homeless people than in previous years. Also, I had an experience in France working at a University and seeing how many young people are looking for a life, wanting to study and every time it gets a little harder even in countries that are called “first world countries”. Another hard experience was driving with my own vehicle to Ushuaia, which for the rest of the world is the end of the world, but for us (Argentinians) it is the beginning of the world and I came across so many tourists riding motorcycles through Patagonia.

Tips for young travelers

Traveling can never be a tour, can never be commercial, it can never be about something that this corrupt capitalism locks us in, which converts us into a herd of grand consumption, which makes us believe that we are free passengers in this world, but in reality we are refugees of the market that controls our day to day. We belong to a part of the market that´s commercializing itself.

The trip must be an experience and not based on consumption. You must transform/grow throughout the trip, and if you don’t, you have to do it again.

My philosophical experience as a nomad is precisely that, experimenting to think philosophically in this 21st century, which is so cruel and so impulsive. I go experimenting, in every place I go, whether it´s in hostels or rooms in people´s homes (that I know) or doing couch surfing.