Share with us a summer story

So, we were at Ostuni in the south of Italy and we wanted to go to the beach but there were no buses on that day, so we took a taxi the first way. It was about 10 minutes by car. On the back we started to go by foot, but it was a big road, a highway.

I started to make hitchhiking because my friends were too shy to do it and it was like 35 degrees under the sun. I started to do it but it didn’t work, so they did it too, because we were really desperate, and this guy stopped with his convertible and he took us by car.

He was nice and so he brought us back to the city and invited us to have a drink that night, and we said yes because we didn’t know anybody there, so it was nice to know someone local, you know. He took my number and we spent the night with him and his friend. They were very nice and everything, but nothing happened. I was really not interested in like not really interested in him! And then the next day, we were in another city and with some these crazy Canadian guys and Alesandro texted me again “if you want to come I am at the beach in Ostuni, if you wanna have fun” or something. So, I went to a Ostuni like on a crazy moment and spent a very good night with the guy.

But the first night was the most powerful, it was very like magic because I was with my friend and these people we didn’t know, and they were really amazing. One of the guys had a rooftop on top of the city and he brought us there. The view and the alcohol, it looked like a dream.