Why did you choose to read the book conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch?

A friend of mine recommended the book to. Well, in reality, the audiobook. I listened to it and then I decided to buy the book to take notes, that I really enjoy doing. I came with some friends to find an alternative path to everything and I liked what the book was saying, so the idea is that. It’s not religious, but there is something beyond the subconscious that gives us the energy to live and all the rest, and that everything is connected to God. You join all that and you create the elections of the soul. A friend of mine does it and I took a little detour from them to find myself.

You know when you work every day and you don´t find sense in it? When things amuse you for a while, but not later? It’s like your life turns empty. But in reality, your happiness shouldn´t depend on anything that is outside of yourself. That is why I take time to find myself, happiness and the desire to wake up every morning