Why do you like traveling by bike?

Travelling on a bicycle is a lifestyle. It’s the way you get to know the places, the time you give yourself and the energy you are able to capture on a bike. Because if you go in a bus or a train or on a motorbike, you are not able to capture travelling at your time.

It also has its difficulties, physical resistance, special baggage for bicycles but it’s the price you pay. I lived really good experiences and really bad ones. You get worried but then, you just let it go. The great thing about biking is meeting the people. You arrive to places in an active mood or you meet other bike tourists, it’s like a small family.

Even though I don’t know you in real life, I see you on your bike and I ask you if you fine, if you need anything, if you punctured a tire or if you need any kind of tools or any information about where you can stay or if I can host you. It’s like a community!!