Tell me about your latest travel adventure

I’ve spent the last week in Spain and I’ve been in Europe for about a month and a half in total. I’ve been backpacking for five and a half months I’m heading home in a few weeks. I started my journey in Australia, staying with friends. Then I spent two and a half months in South East Asia.

Asia was my favorite place to go to. If you’re traveling on a budget, it’s a lot more affordable. Vietnam is my favorite place, it was incredible. I went from Hanói all the way down to Ho Chi Minh. Some of my favorite parts of Vietnam was not staying in a party hostel all the time, some of the cheap bed and breakfasts are run by families. They can be around $2 every night. You get to have really nice tips from the locals and really connect with the culture you’re staying in a little more.

It’s a really beautiful experience that was a highlight of my trip and of course the 30-hour bus rides getting from one country to the next, with no air conditioning, breaking down on the sides, but you know that’s part of the adventure, getting from place to place. And that can be stressful sometimes, but you just have to remember you’re going to get there and that you’re not the only one and other people are going through the same thing. And that’s what it’s all about.

I have made friends in the past five months that I know will stay in my life forever, lots of British people you meet traveling. Actually, I’ve met a lot of British people in Europe and Asia. I met an Icelandic guy yesterday, the first person from there I have met. I mean, I come from a very privileged place and it’s just interesting to see all the people from different upbringings and see how they are living.

The most amazing thing I found about southeast Asia was how nice everyone was. The nicest people I’ve ever met. They just find joy in the smallest places and that really spread onto me. I got excited about what I was doing each day.