My name is Luis Silveira but please, call me Luigi! I work at Cats Hostel Porto.

My dream destination is United States of America. I have this really crazy connection to the USA. And I want to do a road trip across the country. Route 66 is on my list!

What does your grindr bio say? 

My profile says “I just took a DNA test… turns out Iʼm 100% THAT bitch” and I can say I’m also a cute large bear looking for chat, dates, friends and relationships. Also I’m a marvel & DC fanatic, music addict, tv shows and movies lover! And also… Iʼm a big foodie. I love to eat. If I could leave only one restaurant in this city it would be “Bufete Phase”. Best Francesinha in town. I leave that one so that everyone can enjoy a good Francesinha which is the typical main dish of Porto!

I’ve traveled for love, to meet someone I had met on a dating app and I wanted to meet him in person. It didnʼt work out, but we kept the friendship. Long distance isn’t easy and not everyone is up for that kind of relationship. So … thatʼs hard too.