How was your experience in Berlin?

I went to Berlin with a friend to spend New Year’s because everyone said that it was one of the best places to spend New Year’s, but to be honest, we didn´t see it that way. We felt like it was a dark city, and didn´t have great energy like other cities. It was a city with negative energy.  

We would try to take a picture at, let´s say, a monument or view that we thought looked nice and we couldn´t smile. It was something crazy that has never happened to me before, and my friend either. We could feel that energy, that war energy, that never really left.  

The people try to forget Germany´s past on war, but you could still feel it through the energy. 

What situations gave you these negative feelings/sensations?

First, the people themselves, their faces. When you travel through other countries and you can see the people immersed in their labor activities, but in Berlin the people looked negative. Also, when we visited the Jewish monument, it was electrifying, but for the worse, not for the good. It was a situation, where we got Goosebumps from the negativity and it was a place where the negative energy was heavy. Overall, people try to forget the past, they were always friendly. But I don’t know how to explain it, you could see it and feel it. It was a thing having to do with emotions.