Lucian, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Youve been here in Porto for 4 days. What’s your opinion of the city so far?

The thing that really got my attention here was the way of living, it’s pretty nice, it exceeds my expectations! I walked a lot through the city, the nightlife is incredible, the drinks are way cheaper than in Brazil.

I also liked a lot the riverside, the «Ribeira» and travel by metro, this metro here really fascinates me, it’s very clean and it travels on the surface, which is cool, so you can see the city and the landscapes.

I’ve been in Matosinhos, I had a great walk there until Foz, and «Casa da Musica» I walked a lot and enjoyed a lot everything!

Everything here is cleaner than Brazil, the streets, the monuments!

For how long will you stay here?

Man, I liked this city a lot! I came to visit, but I want to stay more time here, this is very good! If I could stay in this hostel for a month, I would do it! ahahah

This hostel is my first one and… damn, if every hostel is like this, I will stay in hostels for the rest of my life!