What’s your favorite place to spend the summer?

Any place close to the beach and hot weather. Maybe because I grew up by the beach, so I have a lot of good memories. I love sunsets, also because it’s hard to wake up for the sunrise, so maybe that’s the reason why I love them. And swimming in the sea late in the afternoon like 7 or 8 pm. And I love the taste of my skin when I go out of the ocean. It’s salty! And my hair is prettier. It’s stupid, but I have curlier hairs with the sea salt. So, it made me happy. Sun makes me happy, a lot.

I love beach parties because you’re not as ashamed of your body as you would in other places. Like in my underwear, I would feel ashamed in front of other people. But the beach is a place where you relax and enjoy your caipirinhas and sunbathing without being stressed by your beauty marks.

And what more about it? And it’s a place in which people are relaxed. Usually, at the beach you have a bad internet connection and it’s hard to look at your mobile phones because of the sunlight. So, it’s a wonderful place to enjoy people.