I’ve been traveling around Europe for two months. I just graduated from University and before I start working I wanted to do something nice. I’m studying International Law and Business so I’m going to work with a lawyer and do some legal stuff.  I’m in Spain, I’ve been to Valencia, Barcelona and now Madrid.

I was actually thinking of canceling the rest of my trip and staying in Spain because I love it so much. It’s absolutely beautiful and really nice people, yeah. Spain is great.

I’m going to Toulouse and Paris because I met some people in Paris so I am going to meet up with them. I have fallen in love with the countries and the sea, so many nice people so I just loved it. I just got the travel bug so I’m only thinking of where to go next and what can I do, where can I go, and how many nights can I spend there. So I am kind of thinking about how I can work it out with work and traveling.