Which person inspires you the most?

It’s a complicated question it goes a lot of ways. For me, I think the people who inspired me the most are my younger siblings because everything I do in my life is for them. Everything I do is to set a good example for them and to just guide them. My biggest fear is to let them down and to have them see me fail. For me, personally, I don’t mind failing because you can’t grow without it, but at the same time, I just want them to see the positive. That’s how I’ve always wanted it.

But I think I’ve learned the most with my business and everything up with my parents. In my eyes, they’re both amazing people and they’re both great parents. They didn’t always get along, but the biggest thing was always guiding me and making sure I learned and did what I needed to do to stay on the right path. So being the oldest growing up, they always teach you to grow up to be that person to guide your younger siblings.

So, I think motivation wise it’s my younger siblings, but I think I’ve learned the most and been guided the most by my parents.