Kristin Owens & Keith Albracht Newnan, Georgia USA

We have been talking about this a long time ago, I talk about a trip like this since I was 16 and I’m 30! But we started dating when I had 24 and then, I married him when I was 27 and since we started seeing each other, we talked about traveling, so this is a big thing in a making!

How did you meet?

Kristin: We met at the navy! We are both active military for 8 years and we met in a school you go before the Navy. But we started dating like 2 years after we met.

Keith: When you are active duty you don’t have a lot of time off, so we always took like 1 week here or 2 weeks there, so since now when we’re off out of the navy, finished with school, for the most part, we gonna travel for a little bit longer.

What’re the plans for next?

Kristin: I still have one semester of school left so I’ll be done at the end of April with my bachelor’s degree. And then we’re talking about going to the wilderness survival school in Washington state, that’s one option, and the other is teaching English ‘cause we both got our teaching English language certificate. Something we talked a lot about doing is going to southeast Asia or Thailand and teaching English as a secondary language. 

What have amazed you must during your trips?

Keith: Bruges is being my favorite, well Porto is pretty neck to neck with Bruges right now. Another favorite thing about the trip has been the food, oh man… it is just awesome! We tried the «Bifana», «Francesinha», the «cachorrinho» in Gazela’s, «Tripas à Moda do Porto».

Kristin: The «Nata», so delicious! And a lot of expressos! Ahahah. I also liked the Luis I bridge, the view from there, and I love the history of that all area with the wine cellars.

Keith: I think my favorite view was actually last night on the other side right underneath the bridge on Gaia side. I like the colors of the different houses and the ups and downs. We went to S.Francisco church, that was reaaaly cool, I’ve never seen a church like that!