What is it like being the bar manager at Abrahams Hostel in Jerusalem?

Our hostel is all about the experience: bringing people together from all around the world. And it is under the concept of Abraham, who was the first traveler, the first host and the father of all nations.

So basically, that is what we do at my bar: give people the place to sit down, meet people connect between them. My bartenders know how to take people who don’t know each other and give them the best experience they can have around the bar. We also do some activities like the pub crawl and other stuff that brings them together. We do it around spirituality, we have some tours of the old city, of the more religious neighborhoods of the city.

We do a Shabbat dinner which is kind of a spiritual gathering which you eat dinner together and you talk about some rituals of Judaism and you kind of experience the city from the eyes of a local person and that is what I love about it and that’s the most amazing job a person can have.