What was the most magical experience you’ve had?

One of the greatest experiences, I went to Granada with a friend and we wanted to do the tour of the hostel and it was at 4:30PM and it was like 3, and we were like “Oh, maybe we shouldn’t go there, we don’t want to be stressed to come back, we’re just going to have our tour and we´ll do it tomorrow.”

We just went for a hike and you could go higher to see the sunset. We went to the top, and we found the tour, the hostel was there, and we were like “That´s so funny, we met you here”. And we asked them where we could get a beer the closest. The guy said we´re going to the cave, it´s close. And when they left, we were like “Ah no, the sunset is still there, we´re going to enjoy it, so we´ll see you later”. And they left.

One guy just passed beside me and asked me if I wanted weed, I said “Yeah, sure”. He said, “Come with us”. He brought us inside this cave with like no light, he showed us his bed, his bedroom, he had a pigeon living inside and he said, “Wait for me for 10 minutes, I´ll be back.” And he just left us in his house, and we were like “OH shit, that´s so interesting that we´re in a cave on top of the mountain.”

The guy was gone to buy some weed – I don’t know. He came back and was like super cool, gave us weed, and asked us if we wanted the beer and eat with them. But we had something to do so we left and after that, we went down the mountain and saw the tour again that were drinking beer at another cave. This cave right next beside us, so we stopped there and drank a beer with them. So, it was all those circumstances that made this moment so special and magical, because you never know what can happen to you, but if you choose your path and you are confident with it, cool things are going to happen!

Is there something you would like to share with us about yourself?

I would like to give something to the world and change it in a better way. Bring love and gratefulness to the planet by just having fun, sharing a smile, experience and I have my skate and my guitar because I love skating, I love music and I want to get better, so I practice.

I’m looking for an opportunity, and I feel like by doing this, by doing my thing, things will happen for me that it will just go through. I mean that vibe for now is part of the reason that I’m traveling and in Madrid right now, just to see what is going on everywhere, meeting people. Who knows what could happen!