Hi, my name is Karim, I’m 22 years old, I study science engineering and computer. If I could create an app, well I donʼt know exactly but something related to help people somehow, change the world! Change the world is my end goal! I enjoy helping people, once I volunteer in Egypt, locally helping packaging clothes and prepare meals. Also collect charities just to try to help the community!

People always picture Egypt with like desert everywhere, pyramids, camels and people with no tech. That’s totally wrong!! Ahahah. Thatʼs just for promotion, you know? Actually, we have a lot of cities that are pretty much advance in technology. Also, the stores and restaurant stay open from very early till 4.00 am or 24/7.

Thatʼs what I miss the most about Egypt. Because a lot of people have a weird eating pattern, and thatʼs why restaurants stay open till late. In Egypt, we have a Pizza Hut with a view for the pyramids!! It’s rewarded as “the best view in Pizza Hut restaurants”.

Where have you been before Porto?

Croatia, Italy, Spain, Montenegro, Greece. Barcelona is the favorite city where I’ve been to! Iʼve been there for 5 times! People are very friendly, the architecture its incredible. Definitely, Sagrada Familia is my favorite monument in the world. And also, I love Barcelona FC

Any advise for future travelers?

Expose yourself to different cultures! Get out of your comfort zone!