I work at the bar in Cats Hostel Porto. One of the things that I really like in this city is the pastries!!! We have pastries in London, but they are like French type, here the pastries are way much better! I never ate the typical Francesinha cause the place called Santiago is always very full with a lot of people waiting in the door and well, I always give up, but one day with patience I will eat! Thatʼs a promise!

Where have you lived?

Before Porto, I was in Switzerland for having fun and basically I was couchsurfing and camping and try to survive without spending Swiss prices on everything, you know what I mean? Then, when I was couchsurfing I met a guy who put me up for a couple weeks, free living, eating that kinda thing, and I was very very happy for some time. I went to Belgian, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland and of course the one that I like most was Switzerland because of the mountains, lakes and forest. That’s what I like most! And I also really love boxing (amateur).

When I was working in Rotterdam at The Room Hostel I met a guy and we were practicing spinning kicks in the middle of the bar for like 2 hours, he was drunk, me as well, and we finish the practice when the barman freaked out and told us to stop! For close, I didn’t lose my job there hahaha