Tell me about your first tattoo and why you got it?

The reason I got my tattoos is that I feel passionate about the arts, I think we can picture and plant it in your body and you’ll take it beyond because that is something you are taking to the grave.

At the beginning, I was hesitating about the roses because they are supposed to be red, golden and white. I’m a catholic so there is a virgin Mary she appears these three roses and they mean sacrifice, purity, and virtue. So that’s was the initial idea but then afterward I kind of step out of my beliefs so now I symbolize them as the three women I grew up in my house with: my mom, sister, and my other sister.

I got it when I was like 26 more or less. I did it in Colombia because everyone was against it, so it was something that it took the whole day from 12 pm to 9 pm. It was the most painful I have ever felt. At the beginning, they came out not as I was expecting because the guy was starting. He was a rookie with tattoos, I got it fixed like a couple of times so yeah kind of getting my whole body, my ribs are also, the next one is going to be the chest.