Joshua Rogowski, Melbourne, Australia

We (me and my girlfriend) are doing 3 months backpacking, so we’ve been through Spain already, then Porto, Lisbon, and Lagos!!!

Since we are together, we always travel together! Relatively peaceful! It’s cool, hard, when you stay in hostels with 8 other people in the room. But the best thing is well sometimes we book a private room for more privacy and it all works fine!

In Spain, we visited Madrid, Valencia, Ibiza, and Barcelona. The best experience was in Ibiza of course, the best place on earth! Best place to party, it’s expensive but it’s amazing! It’s like 14 euros for a beer (WHAT???). In Australia is like 4€ the normal price, here in Porto the beer is cheaper, and we can drink beer in McDonald’s!! Ahahah

What moves you through your days?

Experiencing new experiences! We try to change the routine a little bit that’s why we travel, so instead of being stuck doing the same thing all the time, we change it up a little bit.