I’m Joshua, I’m the operations manager at Cats Porto Hostel, I manage the bar, reception and maintenance departments.

Why did you move to Portugal?

I was born in Venezuela in Isla Margarita. I came to Portugal when I was 6 years old because of the situation in Venezuela. I haven’t come back in a long time, sadly. Hopefully, one day the situation will get better, and I’ll be able to go back and spend time with my Venezuelan family.

I lost a year in school ‘cause I didn’t speak Portuguese at all. Which turned out to be a bad decision by the school because in less than two months I learned Portuguese and forgot Spanish.

I started speaking better Spanish years later when I had my university internship in Orlando, Florida. I participated in a Disneyworld program that welcomed people from all over the world. In my apartment, they were all from Latin America. My roommates were from Peru, Mexico, Brazil, and Uruguay. My ex-girlfriend, that I’ve met there was from Guatemala and so we spoke a lot in Spanish too.

So yep, that’s where I find my Latino heat again!