My name is Pepe and I’m the manager of the bar in Cats Porto Hostel. I live my life very relaxed, I like to live without too much stress 

Stress is just bad for health, and you start to get a lot of white hairs. Look at me, I’m a relaxed guy and I get a lot of white hairs in my beard, imagine if I was always stressed! I would really really love to fly! When I see the birds, I get a lot of chill and freedom vibes. And I value that a lot!  

What you value most in a friend?  

Honesty is the main value that humans could have! Honesty is everything for me. Since I was a child I had a lot of ex-friends who weren’t honest with me that’s why I was giving to that value more and more importance, day by day! That’s why my family is everything to me, they never fail me! I’m a family guy! They are the most influential persons in my life and the most important people. Every time I get a chance to go to Madrid and be with them, I go, never think it twice! 

Let’s talk about food 

My favorite dish here in Porto is of course the FranchesinhaI’m a meat guy, I don’t eat vegetables even if I’m obliged to. With fruit almost the same (I’m a pizza without pineapple person, by the way) However, if I could only eat one dish till the end of my life it would be meatballs or breaded steaks!!! 

And now about hostels 

Ive been in hostels in Madrid, Porto and Athens, and what I like the most in a hostel is the atmosphere, a cool atmosphere change it all! Also, the location for me is the most important thing! For example, in Athens, all the Acropolis are was incredible!! It was breathtaking, and I loved to walk around there. I can there a few hours and my mouth never closes with the magnificent architecture and the views