What do you love about illustration? 

I love illustration because I can express myself, I can relax while doing my art, like I feel free doing my stuff. I make it for myself, but I like to share it too. That’s why I use social media, like Instagram, Facebook. I like the way that people connect with people that make art and with other artists. It’s a different way to connect with artists, and we see that we are different than other people.

In what ways are we different? 

Like we take the time to really see things and appreciate different stuff, different materials and not just looking at the surface, but looking deeper. Maybe not everything, because that’s a little tough, but in some little things you can look at the beauty, the detail and the way its drawn, the way it’s made, why it’s made like that, why the artists think that would be a good idea…. Understand the same thing that the artist once told you, without words. I think that’s the beauty of art.