Tell us about the Street Art Tour you went on

Around two weeks ago I went on the Street Art Tour here at Cats Hostels, and we went on a tour to Lavapies where you can see a lot of street art and we learned a lot about how many artists have their hidden signatures around the city of Madrid. There is a Lion and nearly on every block on Lavapies: you can see a sticker of a Lion on posts, or every pole and stuff.

We also learned about a cool festival that restaurants invite artists to draw outside their buildings and then owners decide if they want to keep it or not, but most of the owners decide to keep it. We saw some pretty interesting art some of them that were kind of explicit and others that had very strong political meanings but other than that it was a great first tour of Lavapies.

Personally, I enjoy “illegal graffiti”. I enjoy all kind of graffiti, but I feel in some ways, graffiti is becoming more gentrified as we can see in Miami, that whole art district it’s all like an Instagram spot, all the people go for the pictures and not appreciating the work, so I guess that is the downside of this new era of street/graffiti.

Do you want to do create graffiti and what message do you want to share?

I would like to get a good old spray paint and just go off on the wall, but I haven’t had time to do it, or the guts. I feel like especially now, while living in the US, with the whole political climate polarization, makes it kind of difficult for immigrants to speak out on what they think and what they believe. In so, I would definitely want to do something related to that and showing how basically we are all the same, and that we shouldn’t be separating people based on where they come from.