I am 27 years old, I studied Modern Languages and Management in Bilbao, and now I am unemployed and on holidays! I degreed on Modern Languages because Iʼve always loved new languages, I speak English, Spanish and Basque professionally, and I manage myself to speak French and German. I am here in Porto with my friends, we try to do something different and together every summer. We know each other since we were kids, so we were thinking about where to go this year and “Why not Portugal?” And well here we are enjoying a lot!

What’s the worst thing you all have done?

AHAHAH, not the worst thing but last week it was the local festivities of our city and every year we get really drunk, like… REALLY DRUNK! Typical thing, in Spain we party till almost the next day. You know going to school the next day without sleeping itʼs hard but no problem, weʼre super happy ‘cause the last night was massive!!!

Favorite music or music genre?

Hmmm like many kinds of music, my favorite is punk, punk rock! TELL ME 3 NAMES THAT Currently, I am listening to Blink 182, Foo Fighters, Mirrors! Amazing!