João Moitas, Torres Novas, Portugal

I was doing my degree in tourism in Coimbra, and in the last year of the degree, we need to choose a Hostel or Hotel to do an internship. So, I choose this in Porto. I enjoyed the city and their locals, I was very welcome by all the staff here! And at the end of my internship, they asked me if I wanted to work as a receptionist and of course, I said YES! I’m a little bit shy but I really enjoy the work as a receptionist!

Where to go out in Porto?

Tendinha dos Clérigos for me!! That’s a rock bar and I like it a lot! When I was younger, I listened to heavy metal, and then, I started to listen to more grunge and indie rock, like Alt-J, Cage the Elephant!

Any advice for future guests?

Never buy anything (green stuff) to the gypsies near S.Bento Station! Trust me, just ignore!