At the moment I work at Hotel Teatro and Iʼm also a music producer. Oh, and Iʼm also studying Sound and Image in college, which is what I really love to do! My passion for music start since I was a kid. I realized that I wanted to do this after a Limp Bizkit show. Moby, is the guy who made me start making music with my computer when I was 14/15 years, with really stupid software hahaha.

Back then, people never wanted to know who produced or mastered the songs of their favorite artists. But the times are different. The producer gets almost the same importance than the singer, or in sometimes more! And after high school, I wanted to work to make money and build my own studio, so I started working in a cruises company from USA.

One of the funniest things that happened in the cruises was the fact that sometimes I had to hide octopus and lobster from the restaurant cause that food was just for the guests, but I couldn’t resist. Yeah, sorry but I stole food, that shouldn’t be a crime when the food for staff was awful