Hi, my name is Joana and I am a fashion designer! I usually don’t go out at night a lot, but this year I started to go out more, and one night I went with a friend of mine to Maus Habitos, my favorite club of Porto, and for my surprise, I re-met a person that studied with me on the same Design school! We started talking that night and we never stopped… right now he is very special to me! And I’m very happy since then like I’ve never been in my life!!

What would you like to do to continue that happiness of yours?  

The fact that I can be with him it’s enough for me. But Iʼm thinking that I would love to go to Japan (thatʼs a before I die thing to do) I wanna go with him as boyfriend or husband (I donʼt know when we will have the money to travel to Japan for a full month and be in cool places thatʼs why I said husband haha). Well, to Japan or some other Asian country and have an adventure there! Or a lot of adventures.

What would you recommend to the people that visit in Porto?  

By day, they should have comfortable shoes and go walking around Ribeira and have a drink in a rooftop or in a viewpoint! By night, I think maybe go out and have a great dinner in Matosinhos with fresh seafood and fish, and then maybe go to Cordoaria and see how Portuguese young people party.