Why did you choose to work in movie production?

When I was young, I just wanted to make movies. And I was very inspired by maybe the landscape of my area of the French Riviera, where a lot of movies were created. And now, after five years of studying in Marseille in the south of France, I decided to take the way of production because for me it’s an amazing job in France!

So, why a producer and not a director?

A producer helps artists to make amazing movies. To be a director it’s a very difficult job, because for one or two or three years of life you have to work intensely on your movie, like every day, and every minute, with a lot of motivation and courage. And sometimes you can be frustrated.

Maybe one day if I have the courage, if I am inspired, maybe I can try my luck as a director but essentially for fiction, and not for big movies or documentaries.

What’s the best part of your job?

Production allows me to meet a lot of interesting people and to federate all these people that I meet to create an interesting project. I am pretty young, I’m just 23 years old, so I know that I have time. But I live in Paris now, so it’s to get some opportunities. Paris is a big city and a lot of things happen there. It’s one of the most intense cities of Europe, that’s why I like to travel to a lot of main cities in Europe, like in Madrid, to meet interesting people.