What do you like most about your boyfriend?

I love his personality. We are very different but at the same time very similar. We complement each other a lot, for example in his character he is super calm if I am looking for a fight, he let it go until I am relaxed. And then later, he tries to resolve it by talking. But not me, I explode, and I have to fight, he lets it pass, he let me fight alone and then when I am calmer, we talk about it.

I am very attracted to his personality, he’s a good guy with his parents and with his friends, he is a good friend, he’s very attractive, he has a lot of great qualities, he is a hard worker… he’s a lot of things!

How did he seduce you?

At the beginning I was very introverted, and he was constantly talking to me and I am very reserved unlike him. He’s all about talking. He wasn´t detail orientated but now he says “let’s go for dinner” or “I am going to give you a gift”.