Javiera Verdugo, Santiago, Chile

I’m 25 years old and I’m an events producer/manager in Santiago DE Chile, where I live now.

I’m originally from Constitución, where a big tsunami happened in 2010. It was a very strong experience; my dad was moving the wreckage from his hotel and the reconstruction took 11 months.

It was very atomic, everything was destroyed, our house, our business, our restaurant, our pool, but I don’t care that much about the clothes and stuff that I lost, what I regret the most are the photos. But I am very thankful because I learned to value other things, living the moment, have experience with other people in different places, being more optimist.

How did your parents deal with the suffering of the tsunami?

My parents suffered a lot. It was very difficult, but we were very lucky.

I have to say – it’s better to have friends than money.

My parents’ friends really helped them and support them. It is in the tough times that you know how strong friendship is. You can have a lot of friends but only a few will help you in difficult times.