I am here in Madrid to meet my four years and a half ex-girlfriend. It was like kinda coincidence, but not coincidence. She told me she wanted to come and see me at San Sebastian but it’s too expensive for me and I told her “Sorry, I am not going to be there because I am going to be Madrid” and she told me like “I am going to be in Madrid as well” and I was like “Really?” and we have the time and talked and she said “I am going to stay at this hostel, it looks like a nice hostel, so if you wanna come it’s okay”.

So, I booked in the same hostel and here we are, meeting after almost eight months after not seeing each other. The reunion is awkward, but cool at the same time. We are still friends, we’re still talking so it’s like to have her now in the flesh, it’s different.

I fucking love the hostel, it’s amazing, really cool place, nice environment everything is cool.