My biggest passion in life is pleasure and I feel that the purpose of life is to enjoy. I’m a hedonist in the modern term of it, but also in the classical sense. It’s not only instant gratification but also long-term satisfaction.

The key of life is being aware of who you are as a person, being an authentic individual, knowing what your goals are what you want out of life making your life exactly what you want it to be.

How do you achieve that?

Self-analysis, meditation, and various things around the line. Take a hard look at what your stated personal beliefs are, what you say you want out of life, and what you say you want to do with your life, and try to compare that with what you actually want to do. Because many people find that they are unhappy with life often, that they are not doing what they say they wanted, or not behaving in the way they say they wanted to do. That’s a lack of authenticity in who they are, and a lot of times it just takes being able to see yourself for what you truly are, and not who you think you wish you were.

What advice will you give to others?

Meditate, try to understand your actions and try to understand the reasons behind the things that you do, at least for me it worked.