Let’s talk about Instagram

Julian: We deleted Instagram four months ago or something and life is getting way easier because you don’t compare to other people and if you want to go out for a party and all of the other people posting what is next best party, you will also go there instead of going with your own plan.

Jan: Stop comparing yourself with other people just concentrate on your own life. Don’t give a shit of people who post their fake pictures and stories on Instagram because they only share the best moments of their lives. So, stop being not happy with your life and make the best out of it.

Julian: Use the time that you spend on Instagram doing other things, like practice Spanish and meet up with your friends and talk with them.

I think you have more free time during the day when you delete Instagram, so everybody should try it for one week or two. And if you don’t have Instagram for a week, I think you will not get Instagram back.

Jan: the first two weeks I struggled without Instagram, then, afterward, I felt so much better, like way better. As I mentioned before, you don’t compare yourself to other people and you will be way happier. As all of you now the moment you wake up, is to take your phone and check stories, you think you’re missing things, like a party, or a nice house, or a nice body. So you wake up and the first thing you think is: “Fuck, my life is not that good, my body is not that good” So stop it just concentrate on yourself and your friends. Use your friends as role models.

Julian: Instead of texting a girl on Instagram, go and talk to her in the street or at a café or at a club, I don’t know. You have to do that as a small practice.

Jan: People appreciate it if you talk to them in person than texting them. You need to have balls to speak to them because it pays off in the end.

Julian: it’s not the same emotion in a message than in a real conversation.