Suddenly the opportunity arrived thanks to a friend who told me:

“Hey Jacque how do you see October: Madrid, France, Belgium, and Italy?” And I said: «You are crazy! I’m saving for a car!» And finally, I thought it through, and she convinced me and I agreed, and I can’t believe I did it.

Literally two weeks ago I told my parents, they knew nothing about it only my closest friends and well, here I am, in Madrid. Soon, I’ll be traveling to the north of Madrid to arrive in France. In Paris, I’m going to stay for a couple of days and then rent a car, and we will go to Belgium. Then, off to Italy. Our last stop is going to be in Rome. Today, I came alone, tomorrow my friend will be arriving and that is when the adventure will begin. I am looking for experience, culture, and fun!

It has always been my goal to come to Europe, so I took it as a graduation celebration because in June I just graduated from my career so this trip is a present to myself.