Hi my name is Jack and I’m 23 years old, I just graduated from marketing, hopefully, I won’t be Schmidt from New Girl. While studying for my undergrad I got the chance to join the US army. I enlisted in 2013 the National Guard, as a part-time military commitment, where you can study while being in the army, after that, I’ve commissioned as an officer, I won’t have student loans which is a big plus comparing with all my friends for instance, and what you learn there is a life long effort to get through school!

What are re your interests?

Boston sports are my life, I’m huge Brady fan, every time I get bored I watch his highlights!

Are you a party guy or what?

Unfortunately, I’m a twice a week party guy, and here in Europe, after a month, I’ve realized you go out way too hard and way too much! I can finally go home and rest!