Why you like art?

I am passionate about art I just love how you have an idea in your mind and then you put it into physical form. You can put a message in it without using words.

Art is so subjective! People can interpret it and find meaning according to what works for them, and what is happening in their life at the time. Sometimes you won’t understand an artwork at all. Other times you’ll completely resonate with it. So yeah, I think that’s the beauty of art and why like art.

How is the process of creation?

Making art and developing your own artistic process means making mistakes. You have to talk to people and experiment. You can’t just jump from here to the end, you have to embrace every single step. And with each thing that you learn, you think about how you can put it into the final thing, here’s a chunk and there’s another bit. It’s like a puzzle and it all comes together in the end. It might take a while or it might happen quickly, but by talking to other artists and finding inspiration and taking little bits and pieces from everywhere is how it all comes together.