Isabel da Costa, Bangor, Pennsylvania, USA

So, Portuguese from the USA?  

Yes, I went there 5 years ago but I’m also American, my parents are emigrants there. I study and I work there, I study hospitality!

What brings you to Porto?  

I’m traveling alone, getting to know my roots! I started here ‘cause it is a wonderful city, just arrived today, and I already ate a Francesinha at Capa Negra, it was amazing!!! And tomorrow I’ll try the hot dogs at Gazela!

It’s my second time here in Portugal, I just went to Sintra one time and now I’m in Porto.

It’s also my second time in a hostel, and I’m enjoying this experience, and it’s a challenge to me to share the room with so different people, but I like the vibes and the prices are very good for the quality you have in here so, yap I think this is the craziest thing I ever did in my life – traveling alone 😀