I’m 25 years old. I work in Cats Hostel here in Porto, I am manager of reception. The staff is one of the things I most value in a hostel. It’s the first impression of the sites we visit, feeling welcomed is important. The activities to meet other travelers and an outdoor site where you can be quietly help too! I like to meet people when I travel but I also have days where I prefer not to connect, a little privacy is always necessary.

The craziest thing I ever done was going on a trip through Spain for a whole month with only 50 euros, it turned out to be the best summers of my life and possibly the time I visited more cities.

My favorite part of the city is the area where the Douro river flows, all the way to Matosinhos beach, it’s the most beautiful area. If I could live in another city I would choose a small town near the sea and with good weather, I think I could not choose one in particular. But Croatia, Greece or the Balearics in Spain would be a good option. In my next vacation, I would love to go to Asia: Vietnam, Nepal or India are on my list! 

What’s your superpower?

Empathy, I think I am able to always put myself in the place of others. And that’s not a superpower but I can speak Spanish, English, Italian.

Any confessable obsession or ritual?

I have the habit of writing everything that I dream, whatever time it is I have to write it in the notes of the cell phone, on a paper, anywhere. Then read it after a while I find it very curious.

Did you ever flirted with the staff for discounts?

Nooo haha but I have seen how some client has tried to do with my fellow colleagues and it is very fun.