I think passion is always changing depending on what you go through, but right now my passion is filming and telling stories through film.

How are you fulfilling your passion?

I’m going to fulfill that by constantly being around creative people and being inspired by my friends and constantly making something that I want to make better than the last time. If you can ever fulfill your passion you can only just chase it. The fun part is the chase, I guess.

Any tips for artists?

Don’t think about making money from it, do it because you want to have fun and if you get really good and you enjoy it, the money will come. I think that is something every artist thinks about “this is awesome, I enjoy it, but how can I make money from it?” And that can be like an anxious reason for you to not do your art, because you kind of have to think about how you can make money from it. So, do it for fun, collaborate with people, and when you get good people, they will want to pay you for what you do.