Hi, Iʼm from Spain and Iʼm 27! I enjoy traveling with friends mostly! Iʼm doing it with them for like 4/5 year. For Central Europe, Czech Republic, Poland, Budapest… And the one I liked the most was Budapest, there are a lot of parties there and a lot of pubs and electronic parties!!

I’ve been in Porto for 3 days, and after we are going to a small village between Porto and Lisboa, we are going to the beach and after Lisbon! Here in Porto, I am really enjoying it. The people are warm, Iʼm really loving it, this staff, this vibe of Porto is amazing! The best place for me is the bridge (D.Luis I Bridge) with those incredible views.

This hostel is awesome! Great atmosphere, this rooftop, the staff, the people I’m really loving all this experience in Porto!!