My strong connection with music comes from an early age through my father! He was a Dj when he was younger and even when my sister and I were born, he played a lot of music for us. He has a huge vinyl collection. 

The love for the DJ culture began when I started to go to clubs for the first time! When I discovered the Jamaican Soundsystem culture and I loved the MC together with the Selecta thing! It was at that time that I felt like “damn, I want to do something like this!” After this, I bought my first dj controller at the age of 16! But I hadn’t a lot of time back there, so I just practiced at home, never looked for gigs or event share my work. I even sold my controller ahahah to travel!

When did you start to DJ more seriously?

A year ago I bought a new controller under my father’s influence and I started to play some hot stuff at my friends’ house parties and they started to enjoy and telling me to share this on Instagram and SoundCloud, so I recorded my first set and dropped it and shared it!

I started to get invited to Dj in some parties but low-profile parties, nothing very big and now, just recently I started to play in some big events which is great!

Now I apply myself a Lil bit more, I face djing a lil bit more seriously but always as a hobby after work. I started to search and listen to more music, DJ’s sets. Now I do my own remixes, work on my gigs, my routines! I just had my first experience at Maus Hábitos and the feedback was great and I feel good about it!

What are your plans for the future in this art of Djing?

First, I want to improve the technical level, my DJ set level! Every day I practice for that purpose.

I’d like to create some remixes or edits, share it and if through that I get more invitations to gigs, connects etc. I’ll do them with pleasure!

There’s one thing that I really like to do – radio show! Have a set of mine and I would love to share it with the world once a month! But yes, create content and share it.