I quit my job in Vienna and started traveling. I went to Lisbon before Porto, cause I have a friend there, and I stayed for one week and I enjoyed a lot, Lisbon is beautiful. I took a lot of pictures there, mostly to the architecture, then in Sintra also, I went to the colorful palace and also to Quinta da Regaleira, and it was amazing!

I donʼt really plan anything. I just knew that I wanted to travel to different places in Portugal. Itʼs like “go with the flow”. For me, its the nicest way of traveling, never rush anything, just go with the tide. I think people shouldnʼt feel pressured to see everything or to do everything, just feel relaxed and enjoy the moment and shouldnʼt always be like “oh I need to do this or do that, I have time for this and that”  

If you have 20€ what do you do? 

I prefer to spend on culture and visiting things. Not to spend in restaurants or things that I don’t really need.