Tell us about your experience in Finland seeing the Northern Lights.

I wanted to go to Ivalo, which is far north, but I didn’t have enough time, so I went to Oulu. It’s a town north of Finland, but not that much to the north. It was snowing like every day, so it was like “I wasn’t going to be able to see the lights”. And I was really sad, but there was this one night that the sky was clear, and it was the time to see lights. So, I took a tour and there was no one else there, just me and a friend I made there, and it was just the three of us – the tour guy with the two of us. He was the nicest person!

The first location

He took us was like a camping zone and he cooked some sausage and things like that. I couldn’t eat because I´m vegetarian, but it was a nice environment and nice time. We were so cold, so he made a fire and everything. But, the thing is that there was a little bit of light there, it was camping zone but there were was lighting everywhere, and we couldn’t see the lights. We left and went to the middle of nowhere.

The second location

It was literally the middle of nowhere and it was amazing. The lights started to appear, really like smooth, soft lights, and then we realized we couldn’t see the lights because there were lots of trees. The lights appeared in the horizon and we couldn’t see them because of the tall trees, so we went to the third location and it was the frozen sea.

The third location

So, we got into the beach, and everything was frozen, in fact you could see the waves starting to go up. It was amazing to see the sea like that. And we started walking in the frozen sea, it was amazing.

He taught us how to walk in the frozen sea. It was terrifying because you could hear how the ice was breaking far away from you, but it could mean that you´ll be under water anytime. That´s what you feel, but he told us he was an expert, that it´s almost impossible that we´d break the ice because we were too little for that.

Well, then we walked a lot of the frozen sea and we could see the lights, but like soft again, but this time because there was a casino right in the beach, so there was a lot of artificial lights again. But that was a new experience, because we were like in the middle of the ocean, walking in the middle of the ocean and we were seeing something, but it wasn’t clear enough, and the time of the tour was finished.

It was 12o’clock and he was like it’s time to take you back to your Airbnb, and we were like is there any chance that you can take us to one more place to see them like clearly? He said “Ok, but it’s like half hour away from here.” We were like “it doesn’t matter, we came here for that”. So we went.

The fourth location

It was like a baseball field, but it was all full of snow, so no one was playing, and it was the perfect spot because it was flat, it was empty, there was no light, there was nothing. It was like perfect. After 15 minutes waiting, there was the lights and it was perfect. All they tell you about the dancing lights and everything was there.

And even though, it was a bad climate because he told us the weather is changing and the lights aren’t how they used to be, it was amazing. I thought I was going to cry, but I didn’t. It’s like if you could see the wind moving, because you could see the lights and they start dancing and they start moving really in weird ways, you couldn’t imagine.

After that, I thought I was like how they draw the wind, I don’t even know how to explain it. It was amazing. We stayed there for like 1 hour and a half, a lot of time trying to see the lights because it was amazing. It was a little cold, but it didn’t matter, because even when the lights were gone, the sky was so clear that you could see every single star, you could see everything. It was amazing. In fact, when the lights were gone, we laid done in the snow, and started playing and doing stuff. It was one of the most amazing experience in my life.