What’s your idea of personal style?

I believe that you should freestyle, that you shouldn’t follow a certain trend but be very intuitive. I feel like that. I have an uncle who told me once “Freddy I really like you, I enjoy you, but you disguise yourself”-meaning that I put on costumes. But I feel like you have to live up to your own hype, and just freestyle it every day, go with the flow, see what you can come up with. With fashion, I feel like you need to express who you are inside, show the world who you are.

I really look up to Johnny Depp because he pulls off many different characters. I mean, you don’t have to be a character but have fun with it. Definitely, try different things. Don’t get confused with what you wear, but always bring out who you are on top of what you are wearing. So, if you dress classy, you have to carry yourself in that same manner.

I had a near-death experience and when I started researching what had happened to me in order to get closure, I was researching everything and I came across a belief that my ancestors said: “The longer your hair is, the more intuition you have” After that, I never cut my hair again!