What’s the first thing you’ll do once this is over?

For sure, a lot of things, considering that I am a hyperactive person closed in an apartment. To be honest, my big objective is to fight for going to the Spanish coast by the end of May. I really need to be naked, feel the nature (sand, salty water…), feel the sun on my skin, see the beautiful and endless sea, drink cold beer and eat tapas. Right now, I am feeling that sometimes I lose the reality and I think that contact with the nature will take me back to reality.

What are the good things that quarantine will bring?

Quarantine will bring a lot of opportunities to our world. Imaging millions of people stopping for a while and thinking about themselves and their role in the society, It should bring changes for sure and in my point of view all good. We were talking in the last years that this system begings to feel old and exhausted, ok maybe is a time of changing it. In my case for sure I will change and the first thing that I want to do is be more critical because we lost that and It is not good for the wealfare of the society. Secondly, I will try hard to help orders and nature (I was doing a collaboration with reforestproject for helping our forest and I will keeping doing initiaves like that).

Any news or people who have inspired you?

The saddest thing from this situation is that I realized that Europe is not the cultural continent that so many people said. We have discovered that small % keeps the idea that this old and historical continent is still being the cradle of culture but everybody saw that the biggest % of the population act stupidly and continue caring about material things when it is time to value the worthless things that the capitalism system said were such as literature, music,… Just read or watching the videos of Nuccio Ordine.

Anything else you want to share with the world?

The most important and difficult thing right now is taking advantage of this stop and talk with us if we are happy with our life and our role in the society. Talk, talk and talk with yourself and then when all of this situation finished go hard for it, don’t let uncertanty again makes you stay in your confort zone.

Last thing but not less important, as I passionated of books; please read, read and read!!!!