Spain has always called my attention for the cultural heritage that they left us in Mexico. I want to know the history of Europe and the Arab conquest and the Old World and to get to know the fathers of the culture. The differences between Mexico City and Madrid, first of all the construction of the buildings here in Madrid are very classical ranging from the years 1800 and 1900 whereas in Mexico there are a lot of clashes between the historical monuments and things constructed fifteen years ago in a modern style. So, the architecture is different, but you also notice the rhythm of life and the style, the cultural difference there are a lot more tourists in the center of Madrid than in the city of Mexico City probably because there comes more Europeans here and in Mexico more Americans.

Big city or village?

I live in the capital in Mexico and capitals call out to me because I feel that the rhythm is maximum! I am not a village type.

The craziest thing that has happened to you travelling

A recent story that I experienced was one time in Palma Mallorca they almost hit us in a bar because we were flirting with a girl it was a little uncomfortable, but we were able to escape luckily