I’ve been living in Porto for 6 years, I came here to study, then when I graduated, I got a job here so I stayed, I love this city. One of my favorite places is Jardim das Virtudes. you can watch the sunset, there’s always jam sessions, street performers like slackliners and you can always enjoy some cheap beers watching the sunset!

Besides that whatʼs the one place that you always go when you are in party mode?

I love to go to Maus Habitos. A nightclub in the city center. The vibe is amazing! They have all those different themed parties and every time I get there I leave with a completely different mood (good obvious). Cheers to them!

There was a time after a concert I slipped on the floor and I bumped into the DJ and I didn’t recognize him and say like «dude watch where you’re walking» and he’s like «yo, I’m the DJ» and then after arguing a lil bit, we took a picture together and became friends ahahahaha

A travel anecdote

Once in Athens, I lost the last bus that would get me home, so I started chit-chatting with the taxi drivers and when they found out that I was Portuguese we started talking about 1980s Portuguese football history, and they were glad and gave me a free. I was glad too I had someone that shared this stupid interest I have. Is always good to talk about 90’s famous Portuguese football player Like Luis Figo or Nuno Gomes.