I’ve been traveling more or less a month around Europe. I came here because I decided to take vacations with a friend. I lost my job and I lost my return ticket, so I decided to travel for more time.

I didn’t plan on coming to Portugal but I met a lot of people who told me that I should come because it’s beautiful. And I found a super cheap ticket on Ryanair and I came here.

I went to Faro, Lisbon and now Porto. And I like it a lot, I think from the three cities I would stay with Porto, I found it different, Lisbon reminds me a little bit to Brazil. I chose Cats because I found it through an application, Hostelworld and it was one of the few hostels that have female rooms and I stay in those. The hostel is good, it’s clean and I really like that, the vibe is entertaining and I can see that they really respect the silence in the rooms. That is really important because in other hostels there isn’t a lot of silence.