Tell us about your revolutionary tattoos

One is taken from a file from the Soviet Revolution, the moment the Bolshevik government asked women to take arms.

The other one that I have is taken from del POUM in Spain. The Workers’ Party of Marxist Unification.

Then the other two are from when the Marche Frances open the frontiers, that is why there is a head that is half white half black and the other one is one that has a sarcastic tone, it says Free Press, but you can see the police.

I have a tattoo that represents the Spanish war because I am really interested in the experience of the civil war, the republicans and the history of Franco.

When I went to the Reina Sofia Museum I stood in front of La Guernica of Picasso and I started crying like a little child because the first time a teacher showed me a picture of the Guernica and explained to me where it came from, it just hit a nerve so deep and I grew up dreaming about seeing the Guernica.

I started crying for twenty minutes and the people were looking at me because I was completely devasted. Then I came back, before leaving the second floor of the museum, and before leaving the building.

Why did you cry?

Because I know where it came from, what Picasso was trying to show to the world and it really hit me, not because of the pure violence because I don’t think that every kind of violence is necessarily bad, but because it shows how much disrespect the fascists had over the civil population. They didn’t care that there were a lot of women and children because most of the men were fighting at the front.

When did you become an activist?

I started when I was thirteen years old at school, fighting for our education because in Argentina education is free, but it is constantly attacked so they can make it private, to make you pay. I was at school that has a long history of students fighting for their rights, so it started there but it grew. So now, I fight for women’s right and I still fight for education. I try to fight for every cause I think would make a better world for everyone.