I enjoy travelling because I learn new cultures and new places and I enjoy enjoying the point of view of the people from different cultures and places.

“I really like cultural exchange. Back home people do things in a certain way and then, when I travel, I see that people do it in a different way. It doesn’t create any type of frustration or negativity, so it serves for me to foment it, and communicate it in a positive way back home.

I am from Peru and we are prepared that something bad will happen to us, not in defense mode but we know how to respond in certain situations. For example, when someone is living in a country where things usually function fairly well and something bad happens, they get frustrated.

A travel story

When I was in Rio, in Brasil, I was walking through the favelas and suddenly there was a group of people following me and they seemed drugged and I started to feel afraid because I thought I was in danger and I started to run. But all these people wanted was a lighter….