Who is your favorite photographer and why?

I am here doing some photography jobs and traveling a bit. My favorite photographer? It’s difficult, I like some photojournalists from the Group Magnum who were a group of photojournalists from the 40s and ’50s and my favorite would be Cartier Bresson.

There are a lot of photographers that I like such as wedding photographer in Spain, Victor Lax who I like a lot. He does things that don’t make sense. He invents situations between partners that you would never think of, like playing between light and shadows. A composition that at weddings it’s quite difficult to create.

In Argentina, there are a few too, Maxi Oviedo who I follow online.

In regard to the photojournalists, I really enjoy the way they recreate the image. When you look at the photos you think it’s something natural that happened at the moment.  The sensation is that they captured exactly the moment it happened. It gives you the feeling that it was something genuine, that was something that really happened like that.